Pajamas: The Cute & Cozy Must-Haves

It’s always around this time where I just want to go to work in my pajamas. Please tell me I am not the only one feeling this every day during these cold months!

I think pajamas are always a great gift idea as well! Isn’t that a Christmas tradition anyway 🙂 ?

Pajamas Under $20

forever21 pajamas forever21 pajamas forever21 pajamas

These pajama bottoms are what I go wear all the time! They’re soft on the skin and will also keep you warm!

Pajamas $20-$40

forever21 pajamas forever21 pajamas

Aren’t these cute?! The second one is actually a romper! I could imagine wearing this with some knee high socks 🙂 Add a hot chocolate for maximum coziness.

Pajamas $40+

ASOS Wolf and Whistles Pajamas missguided pajamas

These look extra silky smooth! If you’re feeling a little luxe, I would go for these pajama sets!

If I worked from home 24/7, you know that I would have each and every one of these as my “work clothes”! Maybe one day 😉 .

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