My Spin/Cycling (Flywheel) Experience and Advice

The first cycling class I ever took was at 24 hour fitness, and it was nothing like Flywheel! If you want the real cycling experience, I recommend going to a studio that specializes in that type of exercise (cycling, barre, etc.).

If you have an interest in Flywheel (or cycling in general), and want to know what it’s like, then keep reading :).

Once you sign up for a class at Flywheel, a bike number will be assigned to you. About 5-10 minutes before the class, you may enter the studio to get set up. Clipping your cycling shoes to the bike might be a little difficult, but there are staff that will gladly help you.

Make sure you get the right shoe size.

Test it out, and if you need to get another size, go and get it. You do not want your toes feeling cramped inside the shoes, and unfortunately, that was how mine felt!

It’s okay to sit and ride when you are tired.

But hopefully you’re challenging yourself by doing the various choreo the instructor is doing. If you are tired, however, go ahead and sit but keep spinning!

It may take awhile to trust the bike.

I was nervous that my shoes would come unhinged from the bike or that the bike will somehow tip over. Trust that the shoes will not separate from the bike while you ride. Also, if your bike seems to be moving a little too much, I find that increasing the torq will fix that problem :).

If you’re into competition, Flywheel is for you.

The bikes record your performance. At the very end, the screen behind the instructor shows the top 10 riders! Personally, I am not about competition, but I still enjoyed the class anyway!

Don’t be intimidated of other riders.

You are all there to work out. Yes, some riders are way more advanced, but they all started from the bottom (#Drake) once before. The more you ride, the better you’ll get.

ALSO… Bring COLD water. You will be sweating like crazy in the studio, and room-temp water will not cut it.