Where I Found Affordable Glasses

Glasses used to be such a big expense, but I am so glad someone told me about this website, b/c I spent only $34.71 for a pair of glasses!

It’s called EyeBuyDirect, and girl/dude, it’s a legit website!


I was surprised at the large selection. The styles range from classic to trendy, so you’ll be able to find a pair that works for you! Oh, and they feel well-made. Seriously, I feel like the EBD pair is sturdier than my old pair of Chanel glasses.

Return & Exchange Policy

Although you can’t actually try on glasses before buying, they have a generous policy that lets you to return or exchange within 14 days of delivery. If there’s a defect, you have a year to fix it for free!

Delivery is quick – I received my glasses in about 2 weeks!

What You’ll Need

You need your prescription (Sphere, Cylinder, & Axis #s) and your pupillary distance. I didn’t know the pupillary distance, and didn’t want to ask my optometrist for it because *awkward*, so I measured it myself! This website shows you how to measure your pupillary distance (link).

I think you’ll be impressed, so go check them out!
Also, if you are interested in the pair I am wearing, it is the Sway!

Also, I have a referral code where you can get $10 off your eyewear: IFZ2222R9Z

I had some fun on Snapchat taking selfies with these new glasses :). Filters make this bare face look 100x better!

* This post is not sponsored. I’m just excited that I found such a great yet affordable website!