DIY Easy Wall Decor For $20!

Since moving into our new spot I have been wanting to decorate everything and put stuff on walls, but wall decor can be costly. I decided to create my own based on seeing macrame wall art! The best thing about this was that it cost me only $20 from Michaels. Make sure you go on the website to get the ‘50% off one item’ discount!

You only need three items:

  1. Different colored yarn (I used thicker yarn) – 2 for $18
  2. Command Hooks (Clear) – make sure your dowel will fit in the hooks – $4.00
  3. Dowel (36 inches) – $0.99

inexpensive wall decor

inexpensive wall decor dowel

Grab your yarn, and create about 35-40 pieces each (each piece is arms length). I wanted this wall hanging to have less gray yarn & more of that marble-like yarn.
Next, you will be tying a larks head knot from one end of the dowel to the other.
To create a larks head knot, you will fold your yarn piece in half and fold the middle piece (the loop) over the dowel. Once it is folded over, string the rest of your yarn through that hole you created. Ta da! There’s your larks head knot.
Now, grab your dowel and make that knot about 60-70 times. It didn’t take that long to do, and it actually felt quite relaxing!
I didn’t want my wall hanging to have a uniform look, and I think it looks a lot cooler that way!
inexpensive wall decor larkshead knot macrame

inexpensive wall decor wall art
To hang this on the wall, grab your clear command hooks and put it on your wall (super rental friendly).
This is my finished product! I regretted not getting a 48 inch dowel to make it more proportional to the bed frame, but I thought this will be good for now.

macrame wall decor art

Please let me know if you create one yourself! I would love to check it out :).