Austin police announced in early May that during the past few months, a special team has been working to reduce underage drinking in the downtown Austin entertainment district. As part of the operations, the team has targeted the use and manufacturing of fake identification cards (IDs).

During the first two operations, the team cited over 120 minors trying to use fake IDs to enter bars or clubs with the intention to consume alcohol. A few weeks ago, the unit received confidential information about a subject who was manufacturing counterfeit ID cards from different states and selling them for $60 to $200. The Texas Department of Public Safety assisted during this operation.

Austin police say this investigation will have a direct impact on the use of fake IDs not only in Austin, but other cities and states, and will also have an impact on under-age drinking and identity theft.

Additionally, the Austin Police Department is currently analyzing evidence seized during the search warrant to identify those individuals who have purchased fictitious identification cards from the suspects.

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